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Lepu Medical Telehealth/Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions are advanced technological solutions that allow patients to monitor their health at home or remotely by using wearable devices or mobile applications. These solutions can provide real-time data on vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels.

Lepu Medical's Telehealth Solutions:

Lepu's telehealth/telemedicine solutions/remote patient monitoring (including Chronic disease management and telecardiology) can connect patients with healthcare professionals to increase patients' remote access to medical care. Healthcare professionals can use telehealth devices to check patients' health status in real-time via phone or mobile APP. Especially the APP could be integrated into customers' telehealth solutions with the provided SDK. We will develop more unique solutions and deliver more high-quality medical services.

LEPU MEDICAL aims to provide patients with a holistic and integrated approach to their health. Our Comprehensive Chronic Disease Management Solutions involve reliable hardware and intelligent software to manage essential parameters like Oxygen Saturation, ECG, Blood Pressure, etc. with the remote control system. By using our remote monitoring and telehealth services, it is reachable to keep track of patients' health status and provide timely interventions. This not only improves patient outcomes but also reduces the burden on healthcare systems.



Lepu's Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring:

Mobile Medical Device + APP & PC + WiFi / Mobile Net / Medical Cloud + Doctor Analysis Software.

Lepu's Remote Monitoring Program has assisted patients in avoiding clinic visits. Remote patient monitoring provides monitoring and support at home to help patients reach their healthcare goals. It is hospital-level care and will help facilitate patient care and help set up a variety of Bluetooth-enabled remote monitoring devices.

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lepu remote monitoring programs

Lepu Integrated Open Platform Solutions:

* Available technical method: SDK

lepu integrated open platform solutions

* Available technical method: Medical Cloud

lepu integrated open platform solution

* Available technical method: Hub

integrated open platform solution

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