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Introduction to Handheld ECG Machine and Market Prospects

The heart is the power device for blood circulation in the human body. It is precisely because the heart automatically and continuously performs rhythmic contraction and relaxation activities that the blood flows continuously in the closed circulatory system and life is maintained. Before and after the heart beats, the myocardium is excited. During the excitement process, a weak bioelectric current is generated. In this way, each cardiac cycle of the heart is accompanied by bioelectrical changes. This bioelectrical change can be communicated to various parts of the body's surface. As a portable medical device, handheld ECG machines have been widely used in home health monitoring and telemedicine in recent years.

Working Principle Of The Handheld ECG Machine

The bioelectric changes of the heart itself are reflected on the surface of the body through the conductive tissue and body fluids around the heart, causing regular electrical changes to occur in various parts of the body during each cardiac cycle.

The electrical change curve of the heart recorded by placing the measuring electrode on a certain part of the human body surface is the electrocardiogram (represented by ECG) routinely recorded clinically. The waveform curves that appear in each cardiac cycle on a normal electrocardiogram change regularly. Internationally, these waveforms are called P wave, QRS wave, and T wave. Sometimes, a small U wave appears after the T wave. 

When the heart is damaged or necrotic due to ischemia, the changes in cardiac electrical activity can be accurately and timely reflected on the electrocardiogram, manifested in the abnormal changes and progressive evolution of each waveform, providing doctors with diagnostic information for arrhythmias, ventricular hypertrophy, and acute deficiency. Reliable basis for heart diseases such as blood clots and myocardial infarction.

Main Functions And Characteristics Of The Handheld ECG Machine

The main functions of the handheld ECG machine include real-time monitoring, data storage and data transmission. The real-time monitoring function allows users to perform ECG testing anytime and anywhere, the data storage function allows users to save multiple test results for subsequent analysis, and the data transmission function supports transmitting test results to smartphones or the cloud via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is convenient for doctors to conduct remote diagnosis. The portability and ease of use of handheld ECG machines are their salient features. The equipment is usually designed to be small and lightweight, easy to operate, and suitable for home use. In addition, compared with traditional electrocardiographs, handheld ECG machines do not require complicated installation and professional operation, which greatly facilitates daily health monitoring for ordinary users.

Analysis Of The Market Prospects Of Handheld ECG Machines

The market demand for handheld ECG machines is growing rapidly. Especially in the context of increasing global aging and high incidence of chronic diseases, the demand for home health monitoring equipment has increased significantly. handheld ECG machines show huge growth potential in both the global and Chinese markets. In terms of technological development trends, handheld ECG machines will develop in the direction of higher accuracy, lower power consumption and more intelligence in the future. Possible technological innovations include more advanced sensor technology, more efficient signal processing algorithms and artificial intelligence. combination. Major manufacturers have also continued to invest in technological innovation and are committed to improving product performance and user experience, while expanding market share through marketing strategies.

As a portable medical device, the handheld ECG machine has shown broad application prospects in home health monitoring and telemedicine due to its portability, ease of use and versatility. With the continuous advancement of technology and the increase in market demand, the application of handheld ECG machines will become more widespread, and the potential impact in the medical and health field will be more profound in the future.


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