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Lepu Medical Was Selected As One of the Top 100 Global Medical Device Companies in 2023

Recently, Medtechlnsight announced the latest list of the top 100 global medical device companies - Lepu Medical ranked 76th in the 2023 MTI 100 list, as one of the five domestic companies on the list, representing Lepu Medical's heart The domestic medical devices represented by vascular device products have accelerated their breakout, and have reached or even surpassed the level of imported medical devices, winning unanimous authoritative recognition at home and abroad.

In the corporate development of Lepu Medical, we always implement the corporate vision of "Science and Technology Cares for Life".

At present, medical devices are entering a golden period of development, and artificial intelligence has become one of the enterprises in the field of intelligent medical care, which has a wide range of disruptive basic technologies. It has created an efficient and convenient AI-ECG Platform ECG analysis system, which is the first in the world to obtain the U.S. The artificial intelligence medical device products registered and approved by FDA, EU CE, and NMPA help solve the problems of high initial investment cost of telemedicine at all levels of medical institutions and high operation and maintenance costs after the network is completed and resolve the problems of heavy workload for medical institutions. High-level medical institutions and medical alliances have built an information network bridge connecting the upper and lower levels.

Lepu Medical Was Selected As One of the Top 100 Global Medical Devices in 2023

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