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Portable Vital Sign Machine: An Innovative Solution for Elderly Health Management

Introduction of Portable Vital Sign Machine

The portable vital sign machine is a Class II innovative medical device that can help patients monitor their own vital signs. It can measure ECG, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, body fat, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, blood pressure (externally connected to a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor) and other indicators. The product has the advantages of portability, simple operation, high accuracy, multiple monitoring, real-time monitoring, data sharing, and automatic generation of health assessment reports.

Portable Vital Sign Machine Working Principle

The portable vital sign machine monitors various vital signs of the human body through a variety of technical means. The ECG module uses an algorithm combined with the ECG electrode pads and the ECG module to collect the ECG waveform and calculate the heart rate data. Body temperature detection uses infrared temperature measurement. The infrared energy emitted by the detection material is focused by the lens and converted into electrical signals, and then compensated by the ambient temperature and algorithm, and finally expressed in temperature units. Blood oxygen saturation is measured by spectrophotometry and optical hemoplethysmography, using the periodic changes in oxyhemoglobin and hemoglobin concentration in the arterial blood flow to process the signal intensity changes output by the photodetector to measure blood oxygen saturation and pulse Rate. Body fat measurement uses bioelectrical impedance analysis, which emits a small current through electrode pads to measure the resistance difference between conductive and non-conductive tissues in the body. The detection of blood sugar, uric acid and total cholesterol adopts the principle of bioelectrochemistry. Through the redox reaction between the enzyme on the test strip and the measured substance in the blood, the linear relationship between the current size and the concentration of the measured substance is detected to achieve the detection purpose.

Portable Vital Sign Machine In The Health Management Of The Elderly

The portable vital sign machine is an intelligent device that can monitor the vital signs of the elderly. This vital sign machine is easy to operate and does not require wearing. Users only need to install the device. Two key data, breathing rate and heart rate, can be monitored under the mattress or pillow in the bedroom, allowing the elderly to collect real-time, senseless data at home. In addition, the non-invasiveness and convenience of this technology allow the elderly to live in a completely relaxed and comfortable environment without having to endure the discomfort caused by traditional medical devices. It makes the health management of the elderly simpler and more efficient, while also reducing the caregiving pressure on families. The physical sign detection radar not only improves the quality of life of the elderly, but also allows family members to have more understanding and control of the health of their elders. In this era of rapid changes in smart technology, choosing suitable technological products to protect the elderly's life is undoubtedly a new choice for smart elderly care.

As a portable vital sign machine manufacturer, SHENZHEN CREATIVE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.'s millimeter wave radar monitoring system has obtained a medical device registration certificate and is currently being used in multiple tertiary hospitals and health institutions, serving scenarios such as sleep monitoring, chronic disease management, and smart elderly care.


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