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Lepu Medical Telehealth Solutions
Medical Monitoring Devices Manufacturer
Mobile healthcare refers to the use of mobile devices and internet technology to deliver medical diagnosis, treatment, and healthcare management services. The emergence of mobile healthcare technology has brought about significant changes and opportunities in the healthcare industry and for patients.
Lepu Handheld Pulse Oximeter with Wireless Bluetooth Connection
Lepu Portable All-in-one Vital Signs Monitor with AI Analysis Diagnosis

Telehealth Solutions

  • Telehealth is a kind of digital healthcare for medical and health services, especially in rural areas, digital healthcare plays a key factor. All medical behaviors such as medical diagnosis, treatment, consultation, and evaluation are realized through advanced information/communication technology.
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About LEPU

Lepu Medical Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, specializing in developing, manufacturing, supplying, and distributing high-tech medical devices and equipment. Lepu Medical has now become one of the top 2 medical giants among listed companies in China's medical industry.

  • 23+ Years Experience in Medical Industry

  • Lepu Medical has developed and produced medical-grade telehealth products using the latest technology.

  • Lepu Medical has grown its product line from pulse oximeters, patient monitors, and EKG machines to rehabilitation.

  • Up to date, Lepu Medical is working with its business partners to help thousands of hospitals and home users in over 80 countries and regions.

What's News At LEPU Medical

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  • Q. Are you manufacturer (factory)?

    A. Yes, We are a professional medical equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years of industry experience. Also OEM/ODM service available here. Welcome to share your ideas with us. It's our pleasure to provide best solution for you.
  • Q. Do you have professional certificates?

    A. Yes, now we have passed ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA, CE, etc.
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